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Miha Čančula miha.cancula at
Tue May 22 12:38:10 UTC 2012

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(Updated May 22, 2012, 12:38 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop, Milian Wolff and Alexander Dymo.

Description (updated)

Implement loading templates from local file. Lodaded templates are immediately selected for convenience. Their descriptions are extracted, but their icons are not. I will add icon-extraction after the initial code is reviewed. The archive files are copied to a ~/.kde/share/apps/kdevappwizard/templates/ where the existing code picks them up. 

Since I was already adding buttons, I added one for getting new template with KNS as well. It shows a download dialog and refreshes the views, but since no category is defined yet on, it shows all unrelated items. 

Note that this code is currently in the "project-templates" branch. I realize it's not ready to be merged just yet (due to missing functionality), but I wanted comments regarding the implementation and user interface. 

PS: The source files in appwizard files list a bunch of contributors, who should I add as reviewers?


  plugins/appwizard/CMakeLists.txt 0e2119197765ad514b8827fda5afe7254f8ea788 
  plugins/appwizard/kdevappwizard.knsrc PRE-CREATION 
  plugins/appwizard/projectselectionpage.h 745a1efa1d00c2ac4fe215b7242cf2ed09981e9e 
  plugins/appwizard/projectselectionpage.cpp 373c66f7e1218858651d38678cc1010b4764308a 
  plugins/appwizard/projectselectionpage.ui 7a33fdd2c68831776ea5dc8d7259afa831854a41 
  plugins/appwizard/projecttemplatesmodel.h cbd91e976e1472dc29d9bc263268bf71d86ec229 
  plugins/appwizard/projecttemplatesmodel.cpp 1fe09efec92d85c71679648408e8972b1ddd4971 



Tested locally, archives shipped with KAppTemplate are loaded successfully. 


Miha Čančula

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