[Bug 74066] provide support for tracking tasks/development and integration of external tools for that

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Wed May 16 19:51:35 UTC 2012


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> Waht really should be done is having support for tasks and more importantly
> integration of task-tracking systems such as trac or bugzilla.be more gener

This is what I was curious about and how I found this bug, come to speak of it.

In lieu of software recycling, we can probably extend Problem Reporting to have
dynamic updating. It doesn't pick up all of the keywords that I've used [but
there's a chance I'm doing it wrong, not always the developer's fault ;)].

I was hoping that with a bit of extensibility; it'd be possible to add bug
tracking integration in-line with the IDE; quite similar to how Mylyn provides
Bugzilla and Trac support. A bit of work would be needed, firstly, a means of
communicating (abstractly) with bug tracking systems be it Bugzilla, Mantis, or
Trac. Also, specific keywords would be needed; it could be as simple as
"kdebug" or "mozbug" or argument-like, macro-style like "bug <tracker-nick>

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