Same toolview active multiple times?

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On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 11:19 PM, Ghislain MARY <gmary at> wrote:

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> Hi all!
> By trying to solve the bug 165969<>,
> the question of the relevance of being able of adding a toolview several
> times was raised.
> What do you think? Should the user be able to add a toolview any times she
> wants? Should she be limited to add each toolview only one time per area?
> Should she be limited to add each toolview only one time globally?

Definetly 1 toolview per area, or maybe rather a toolview should be able to
be shown in all areas and not limited to only one.

Regarding having multiple instances of a toolview-type in one area, thats a
questionable thing. We didn't want to impose that restriction in the
initial design, thinking that it may make sense for some toolviews. But
frankly I haven't ever had the need for this in either KDevelop or other
IDE's which have a toolview concept. I think one of the ideas was that some
toolviews may be useful to have in different configurations, one could
imagine two instances of the project view with different filterings
applied. I'm not convinced anymore though that this is a very widespread
usecase that warrants the effort necessary for supporting multiple
instances of a toolview.

Restricting kdevelop to 1 instance per area per toolview type would also
make it a lot easier to store toolview-configuration like the
selection/expansion state of trees or filters.

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