Review Request: Allow selecting multiple toolviews to be added in the new toolview dialog.

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Review request for KDevelop.


The new patch allows the user to add a toolview by double clicking in the list. The clicked item is deselected in this case and the dialog is not closed so that the user can add several toolviews without opening the dialog again but can also immediately click the ok button to close the dialog without adding the toolview a second time.


Allow selecting multiple toolviews to be added in the new toolview dialog.

As I understand it, the complaint from this bug report is that one has to open the new toolview dialog several times to add new toolviews. So I enabled the selection of multiple toolviews to be added in the dialog. I think it would not be a good user experience to add a toolview on a double click without closing the dialog since the user may not see that the toolview has indeed been added. What do you think?
By the way, does it make sense to be able to add a toolview several times? Because if a toolview should be present only one time, maybe an user interface like the one to customize the toolbar (with two lists and arrows to pass elements from one list to the other) would be more relevant.

This addresses bug 165969.

Diffs (updated)

  shell/mainwindow_actions.cpp e0610e9 
  shell/uicontroller.h 02ebd5c 
  shell/uicontroller.cpp ad0e583 




Ghislain Mary

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