A few questions about project manager

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Mar 30 07:03:20 UTC 2012

On 30.03.12 11:22:41, Alexandre Courbot wrote:
> Hi Milian, thanks for your answer!
> > add org.kdevelop.IMakeBuilder to X-KDevelop-IRequired in your .desktop file -
> > if that does not work, ping me and I'll fix it.
> That did it, thanks - at the same time I am thinking about using the
> MakeBuilder (through its IMakeBuilder interface) instead of my own
> builder job. Only thing is that to support kernel building I need to
> either pass several targets to build (instead of one, the only
> currently supported behavior), or to be able to modify its
> environments variables. Right now the IMakeBuilder interface allows
> none of this - would that be acceptable if I extended it a little to
> support one or both of these behaviors?

While I think it might be good to have a build() API on IMakeBuilder to
run multiple jobs, you could for now also just chain the targets
yourself. This could be done rather easily with your own
composite-build-job which first starts a make-job that builds the kernel
and connects to its finished/error signals. Once the first target is
built successfully you schedule the next make-job for the next target
etc. I know this is not as nice as a multi-target build function, but it
won't require any code-changes and makes your plugin usable with
currently released kdevelop versions.


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