Code completion search paths

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Mon Mar 26 17:00:08 UTC 2012

Mouse-overing the line with the missing include should give you a
button which allows you to edit the search paths.
Alternatively, create a list of newline-seperated include directories
in your project directory/.kdev_include_paths.


Am 26. März 2012 18:53 schrieb Alexander Rössler <mail.aroessler at>:
> Hello developers,
> I have a small question: How can I change the kdevelop search paths? I set
> up kdevelop for developing avr projects and so I came to problem that
> kdevelop does no find the avr headers (but it compiles). Is there any way to
> tell kdevelop where to search for functions and macros?
> Regards
> Alexander
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