A few questions about project manager

Alexandre Courbot gnurou at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 03:41:03 UTC 2012

Hi KDevers,

I finally found some time recently to start working on that Linux
kernel project manager plugin (shamelessly inspired by the custom
build manager) I talked about some months ago, and things are going
well so far - to the point I am actually using it at work:


With the right set of files to parse, right definitions and right
include paths, KDevelop is actually doing wonders on kernel code. It
is by far the most comfy kernel dev environment I have been using so
far. There are a few things to improve with the parser and
make-resolver and I hope to address them as well - unfortunately the
latest patch of mine seems to have introduced issues and needed to be
reverted. :/

Anyway, things are working but it is still hacky and even after
looking at the custom build plugin and project manager interfaces I
have a few darks corners for which I would be grateful to receive some
guidance. In particular:

* I need to reparse the whole project whenever the its configuration
changes because some include directories may have added/removed. How
can I achieve that? Right now the parsing of the kernel configuration
is done by and overload of the import() method of
AbstractFileManagerPlugin, which is definitely not the right place.
More generally, how can I trigger a reparsing the whole project or
some of its files?

* Until recently, my project configuration dialog had two panes: the
one I wrote, and the one for make that allowed to set things like the
number of parallel processes for compilation. However, the make pane
is gone when I compile against the latest KDevelop git. Any idea about
how I can get it back?

More questions will probably follow as things progress. :) But
considering the low amount of effort I invested so far in this plugin,
the returns in term of usability are already huge. KDevelop rocks.


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