KDevelop Mingw64 - patches

Artur Bać artur at ebasoft.com.pl
Sun Mar 4 16:36:15 UTC 2012

On 2012-03-04 16:20, Michael George Hart wrote:
> Thanks!!!!
> You have made my day
> I, the unwilling, was lead by the unqualified, to do the unbelievable for so long with so little, that I attempted the impossible with nothing
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I You are interested i will correct an error compile time on mingw32 I
didnt do it already becouse i dodnt know if anyone is interested.

As i see from day by day work Kdevelop and whole Kde is still a bit
unstable on win64 so I cannot do more with stability that is done.
NamedPipe is used for redirecting application output while debuging.
As I dig in gdb it opens only one namedpipe for interior instead of 3
separate and opens in in read write mode, so when in app you use std
input the develop propably hangs as i didnt found interface to connect to.
There is a problem for which i dont know solution at this time with
stdstreams buffers, even when reading thread asynchronusly checks for
app ouptput for long time there could be no data transmited from app
till it encounter fflush().
For me app output is less interesting, much more im happy with debugging
in kdevelop, for which i have to do nothing, just enable it in compile
time :-).
There for convenience on windows should be possible to enter git path
for plugin in kdevelop preferencies, becouse in most cases users will
not have it in search path for 'stability' reasons and conflicts with
cygwin or mingw dlls.
I use a simple .bat file with setting %PATH%

@set PATH=%PATH%;C:/Git/bin;C:/Git/cmd
kdevelop.exe  --ps

So for know as i sad it works as is.

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