Segmentation fault

Leon Pollak leonp at
Thu Jun 21 12:05:58 UTC 2012

Hello, all.

I posted this in kdevelop at May be nobody have seen this 

I do not know what is important and what is not, so....

I work (for the last 6 years) with kdevelop for embedded development. 
The last project is the application on target running ARM Linux, in 
which the gdbserver runs. Kdevelop debugger connects to it via Ethernet.

Kdevelop is the master git from 19 June.

Everything worked fine, till last 2-3 days. The problem looked like 

Suddenly, after running the application, gdbserver reports "segmentation 
fault" (SF) and exits. Restarting of the system without restarting the 
kdevelop causes this SF to occur on each run, sometimes in different 
places having nothing in common, but at EACH break point.
Restarting the kdevelop itself solves the issue till the next 
occurrence, which usually happen after 2-3 debugger runs.

Again, when this happens, only restart of kdevelop helps.
Plain gdb always works fine.

Even in this state (when SF occurs) removing all breakpoints also solves 
the issue - application runs without SF. Insertion of any BP immediately 
causes the SF.

May be this is important:
Sometimes, when I press 'F9', I receive the error message:
"Gdb command sent when debugger is not running
The command was:
-data-disassemble -s $pc -e "$pc + 128" -- 0 "

Several times I saw the situation, when an attempt to execute a command 
from within gdb window caused the message saying that incorrect package 
ignored because of the hex digit XXX (I do not remember the exact text).

What can I do to investigate the issue, which seems to me a bug in 


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