Review Request: Add support for "language features"

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Tue Jun 19 14:49:57 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop.


Add support for "language features"

Sometimes the same language can run using different variants - the most
obvious example is the C++ language support, which may also support C
and other variants and behave differently according to the type of file.

This patch adds a new method to IBuildSystemManager allowing it to get a
list of features to pass to ILanguageSupport::createParseJob as an
additional argument. ILanguageSupport can then adapt the behavior of its
parser according to the features the build manager says the parsed file

Corresponding support for kdevelop (since this patch breaks API compatibility) is there: 


  language/backgroundparser/backgroundparser.cpp 417a8e4b7f38acfa959959895f186c11e3a76f93 
  language/backgroundparser/tests/testlanguagesupport.h ed3864c9e8da8eed97d3d91500eec6c623fae41e 
  language/backgroundparser/tests/testlanguagesupport.cpp 3f88894d728610ebd433bff46936f38dcd2138be 
  language/interfaces/ilanguagesupport.h 22cedf09656aaf80275dd3a14d3752003fe9a912 
  project/interfaces/ibuildsystemmanager.h c0813d8f781b0be29829b9278f191299af823b68 
  project/interfaces/ibuildsystemmanager.cpp 74af0e76f8c8bc9276d79ff54be4d3d41927c298 



Compiled kdevplatform & updated kdevelop, checked things were working.


Alexandre Courbot

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