Kdevelop asserting on startup

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Thu Jul 19 14:51:32 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 17 July 2012 16:28:24 Morten Volden wrote:
> Weird
> After pulling master about a week ago I have not been able to start up
> Kdevelop.
> Last lines of startup says:
> kdevelop(9765)/kdevplatform (shell)
> KDevelop::PluginController::loadPluginInternal: Checked... starting to
> load: "Output View" type: QVariant(, )
> kdevelop(9765)/kdevplatform (shell)
> KDevelop::PluginController::loadPluginInternal: Successfully loaded plugin
> ' "KDevStandardOutputView" '
> kdevelop(9765)/kdevplatform (shell) KDevelop::MainWindowPrivate::addPlugin:
> add plugin StandardOutputView(0x1dbd6b0) "kdevstandardoutputview"
> kdevelop(9765)/kdeui (KMainWindow) KMainWindow::applyMainWindowSettings:
> KMainWindow::applyMainWindowSettings  "MainWindow"
> ASSERT: "!m_factories[T::Identity]" in file
> /home/mvo/src/kdevplatform/language/duchain/duchainregister.h, line 102
> KCrash: Application 'kdevelop' crashing...

This assertion usually gets hit when you load BIC plugins. In this case, 
kdevstandardoutputview is apparently the culprit. Remove it and install it 
again, that should fix it.

For others that get hit by that, you can easily find out which plugin is to 
blame by enabling the "shell" debug area in kdebugdialog. Then, on startup 
you'll see like in the above which plugin is getting loaded and then triggers 
the crash.

I've seen it quite often, and it was *always* a BIC issue, where I either had 
to remove an obsolete plugin (indent anyone?) or forgot to rebuild an external 
plugin after a change in kdevplatform (like e.g. OliJG with kdev-qmake).

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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