Review Request: Further improve auto-completion in switch statements.

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Sat Jul 14 12:48:06 UTC 2012

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(Updated July 14, 2012, 12:48 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop and Olivier Jean de Gaalon.


Moved integral-constness check into a separate function, added a new unit-test, manually rtrim'ed the diff and added a formatted patch in hope that there is no more issues.


Only compile-time integral constants are valid in "case ..."
statements, so filter any certainly non-constant completion items.

This has 2 usability issues (well, not issues, but questionable points):
1) We do not filter type-names since they can be used either as scopes
(SomeType::someConstant) or as ctor-like initializers
2) We do not filter integer-returning functions since they
can be constexpr (thus syntactically usable) but we cannot handle
constexpr now.

But, since one rarely would use these items, their match quality
is forced to zero in order to avoid pollution of "best matches".

Diffs (updated)

  languages/cpp/codecompletion/context.h e17fe7c 
  languages/cpp/codecompletion/context.cpp 34bc728 
  languages/cpp/tests/test_cppcodecompletion.h f88eb01 
  languages/cpp/tests/test_cppcodecompletion.cpp eb44618 


Testing (updated)

Unit-tests have been made aware of the newly-introduced filtering (+ added a new unit-test verifying the filtering itself); usability has been discussed with Olivier Jean de Gaalon.


Ivan Shapovalov

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