Review Request: Rework layout of the "Configure Launch" dialog

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Tue Jul 10 14:50:55 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop.


Following the KDevelop BoF, I worked a bit on the "configure launch" dialog.

Changes are:
- Remove multiple margins
- Reworked layout: getting rid of some labels, adding labels to buttons
- Simplify "Add" button menu when possible: if the first and second levels are only made of one item, directly show the third level. If only the first level is one-item, show the second and third level.

This patch could have been broken in multiple parts (they are individual commits in my work branch), but I was a bit too lazy to file them separately :/

Further possible improvements:
- the "Add" button could be simplified a bit more by always showing the menu, but I may be missing a case where adding an empty launch is useful.
- the "launch" name is currently editable through the tree view only, I think it should rather be a field in the detail part.
- the way to pick the executable could be simplified by only showing the target combobox by default. The combobox would have an additional "custom" entry, which when selected would show a lineedit to let the user enter the executable name.


  plugins/execute/nativeappconfig.ui 3496edd 
  shell/launchconfigurationdialog.cpp 372510a 
  shell/launchconfigurationdialog.ui d287077 



Tested with one project and multiple projects in one session.


Simplified "add" menu


Aurélien Gâteau

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