Review Request: Fix same file opened multiple times when using split views and buddies

Lambert CLARA lambert.clara at
Tue Jan 31 21:27:14 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop.


When a buddy view could not be found in the same tab group than the current document, we searched in the other tab groups, which lead to the opening of another one.


  shell/documentcontroller.cpp 06189bd 
  shell/tests/shellbuddytest.cpp 4102d02 



Open a classA.h, classA.cpp, and main.cpp
Then split vertical the main.cpp file, and close it from the left to get classA.h, classA.cpp | main.cpp
Then after giving the focus to main.cpp, try to open classA.h with QuickOpen

This lead to :
   classA.h, classA.h, classA.cpp | main.cpp

And now with this patch to : 
    classA.h, classA.cpp | main.cpp, classA.h

I also modified a unit test to check for this.


Lambert CLARA

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