KDevelop 4.2.60 floods .xsession-errors file

Gerhard Stengel gstengel at gmx.net
Mon Jan 2 23:36:27 UTC 2012


I've observed a strange problem in KDevelop 4.2.60: When KDevelop parses a C++ 
project it writes lots of messages like 

kdevelop(4732)/kdevelop (cpp support) IncludePathComputer::computeBackground: 
Include-path was missing in list returned by build-manager, adding it now. 
file was: 
KUrl("file:///home/gerhard/src/kdevplatform/project/projectutils.cpp") missing 
path: "/home/gerhard/src/kdevplatform/build/project/"

into my .xsession-errors file (This wasn't the case with 4.2.3, but so far 
it's no harm). However, after a while this stops and this message

HistoryFile::add.seek: Das Argument ist ungültig

is written into .xsession-errors with an incredible speed instead. The file 
grows within minutes to several gigabytes until my quota is exceeded! This 
makes KDevelop 4.3 unfortunately unusable for me at the moment :-(

This behaviour only seems to appear for quite large projects which keeps the 
context parser busy for several 10 min. You won't see it with the kdevelop 

Is there any way how to fix that?

best regards


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