GSOC 2012

Steffen Ohrendorf steffen.ohrendorf at
Thu Feb 16 20:24:39 UTC 2012

> the problem of those formats being undocumented proprietary files. How
> should a student figure out what their content is supposed to be and how
> to map that to KDevelop stuff?

That's why I said "maybe" and put it into parentheses. I would say that 
initial support for other compilers could be an "appetizer" for VS users to 
switch to KDevelop, and you would be able to see how many people want to 
switch. If there are only a few developers who want to switch, that fancy VS-
project support would be overkill.

/Complete/ VS support is a thing that /could theoretically/ be developed on 
top of the flexible compiler support to support huge software projects where 
some of the developers want to use KDevelop, while others keep using VS.

By the way, the VS project files are based on XML, and from my own looks at 
them they seem to be relatively easy to reverse engineer to gather at least 
basic support for them.

-- Steffen

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