Redesign of "Configure Launches" dialog

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Sun Feb 5 20:18:05 UTC 2012

I usually do, but in this case I
a) don't know much myself (I've never had anything to do with UI programming)
b) it doesn't really matter, because result and code will be almost the same.
Also, it's your codebase and you sort of decide on the style to be used.
Thus, I blindly trust Niko's opinion here. :]

Am 5. Februar 2012 21:08 schrieb Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
> On 05.02.12 20:49:51, Sven Brauch wrote:
>> Okay, if you say this is better then I'll do it like this; doesn't
>> change much. :)
> You shouldn't do things just because someone else says they're better,
> at least not just like that. Rather try to understand why its better or
> try to explain why you think its not better. :)
> Andreas
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