Redesign of "Configure Launches" dialog

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Sun Feb 5 00:08:09 UTC 2012

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 11:50 PM, Milian Wolff <mail at> wrote:
> On Friday 03 February 2012 18:24:54 Sven Brauch wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> I think most people here agree that the current "Configure launches"
>> dialog is quite horrible. Let me quickly summarize the main pitfalls:
>> 1. Undiscoverable: I guess most users won't find out that you can
>> switch the launch configuration type to "Script" in the tree view. You
>> have to horizontally scroll that treeview to uncover an unseen colum,
>> then double-click some text which doesn't look like you can click it
>> to activate a drop-down-list. This is especially relevant for me, as
>> the python plugin requires this functionality to be easy-to-find.
>> 2. Unpractical: Even if you know how it works, the whole thing feels
>> really sluggish to do, because of the tiny hard-to-find "add" buttons
>> and the vertical scrolling.
>> 3. Illogical: Why is "Debug" a sub-item in the treeview for the launch
>> configuration? In my eyes, that doesn't make any sense. The whole
>> tree-view seems overkill for a top-layer which often has only one item
>> (at least I seldom have more than one or two projects opened), which
>> often only has one or two sub-items (the configurations) which also
>> have exactly one sub-item.
>> Anyway, enough said about the old one. Here's my suggestion for a new
>> dialog, which I'd like to discuss and improve:
>> Here's the UI file:
>> Changing the "Program type" dropdown thing to something else would
>> change the tab layout (for example add an "interpreter" tab).
>> Please tell me what you think. Of course it's totally non-functional,
>> currently (the UI file is just a mockup).
> As said on IRC: Looks neat, I like it. I'd welcome an actual functional patch
> which we could build on for further improvements. Just a note: the dependency
> view is broken as-is though, since it's an l10n nightmare. Remove the long
> sentence and replace it by e.g. an actual listview + filter for the
> dependencies and put the radio below
> bye
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Yes, I like it too. I haven't ever tried it with the "Script"
launcher, so I'm not sure what's the status there, but I know it
should be improved.

I also think that the build dependencies tab should stay as it is now,
works fine to me. It could be easier but it's powerful.

Regarding the UI specifically, I don't really know if tabs are good
there, so I hope it's going to work fine :).


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