File Templates wizard

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Dec 23 09:48:44 UTC 2012


just happened to try the new template wizard for files to verify an
old report of mine, looks very nice in general. I've generated a
QObject subclass with it and found a few points which I'd like to
verify are not intentionally this way before filing bugs:

- "Qt Object" does not seem like a good description, a Qt object could
also be a QWidget subclass, or QString subclass. Just call it what it
is, QObject subclass?

- it looks like the option to add function declarations has gone
missing, the 'class members' page allows to add some strings but at
least for QObject they're seemingly interpreted as properties. I also
noticed that if I do specify a return type for the 'function' its not
included in the generated file at all. Since supporting this is quite
complex, maybe just drop the possibility and let the user write
declarations in the source file?

- There is always a private-class generated which I think is confusing
and unecessary in most of the use-cases. Private classes are necessary
when doing library development, but for normal apps there's no need
for the indirection. Maybe add an option for this or drop it
completely, people knowing about private-classes will know how to add
them themselves?

- The generated include in my case is a path relative to the project
directory. This might be related to using the custom-buildsystem
manager, but then I would've expected at least getting the absolute
path from the manager there. Ideally though it would just be

- The page to select which functions to generate/override is taking
quite some time before its showing any content. The first time I was
about to skip the page because I thought this was broken. An indicator
that KDevelop is doing something would be good inside the page itself.


There also seems to be no component for the plugin, forcing one to
file bugs under the general component.


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