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Milian Wolff mail at
Thu Sep 29 09:45:14 UTC 2011

Aleix Pol, 29.09.2011:
> Hi Milian! (and the rest)

Hey there! I've finally finished renovating my flat and should have some more 
time the next weeks again :)

> I've just hit a crash when running KDevelop that's asserting in
> project/project.cpp:226.

This assert sounds quite valid to me. I mean how did we get a project item 
which is not yet part of the model?

The assert is required as it ensures that the newishly fast implementation of 
itemsForUrl works as intended.

> Any comments against moving the assertion to the if?

To what if?

> Otherwise the includepathcomputer.cpp:68 should check if the project is 
loaded or something... I'd just do it myself but I have some major crashing 
somewhere else and my head is not clear.

Can you reproduce this at will? If so, how? I'll have to dig into it and 
understand what's going on. The only hunch I have right now would be session-
restoration reopening some documents on start, duchain kicks in but project 
has not finished loading yet. This scenario is actually broken anyways as far 
as I know, since it will parse the document without proper include paths most 


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