Developing the Linux kernel with KDevelop

Olivier JG olivier.jg at
Sat Sep 24 08:32:12 UTC 2011

On 09/24/2011 12:23 PM, Alexandre Courbot wrote:
>> Granted, the make-resolver is kinda hackish but so far it works quite nicely.
>> I rather wonder why make in dry-mode creates folders. And of course: Try a
>> different project manager where you can specify a build folder. "custom make"
>> or "custom build system" come to mind.
> Unfortunately for kernel hacking these ones are not practical. Not
> only you want to use custom include paths (and to remove the system
> ones), but you also want to control which sources get included
> according to the target architecture and the set of drivers. The only
> good way to do this would be to have a dedicated kernel project
> manager that infers this from the configuration file, but for now you
> have to ressort on the generic project manager and its ability to
> filter sources.
Chiming in to point explicitly to the CustomBuildsystem plugin:

Perhaps it could be expanded to support project profile "packages" such
as "kernel" (idea pulled from rear).

Why is this not yet in master btw?

-Olivier JG

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