Review Request: Allow private members to be declared on missing declarations in member init lists

Jonas Jacobi jonas.jacobi at
Thu Sep 15 15:42:03 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Currently, only public member variables can be created, if one uses an unknown declaration in the member init list of a c'tor like
MyClass::MyClass(int x) : mUnknown(x) {}
This patch also allows to create a private member.
Please look especially at the following question as i'm new to duchain:
- can this part of the code be called from a context, where it doesn't make sense to create a private member?

While imho the default case should be a private member, we could also allow protected ones, or maybe even discard the public case, to support good coding style with encapsulation ;).


  languages/cpp/cppduchain/missingdeclarationassistant.cpp bafc159 






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