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Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Sat Sep 3 09:12:39 UTC 2011

Am Freitag, 2. September 2011, 19:28:54 schrieb Milian Wolff:
> Burkhard Lück, 17.08.2011:
> > Hi devels,
> > 
> > Yuri Chornoivan has exported the userbase kdevelop manual and converted
> > it to docbook, see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27994
> > 
> > We'd like to get that into the git repository, where it can be processed
> > by scripty and shipped along with the kdevelop package.
> > 
> > Any objections?
> > 
> > The project has a folder kdevelop/doc, but most of the content seems to
> > be obsolete from kdevelop 2 + 3.
> > 
> > Where to place the exported userbase documentation?
> > 
> > A new folder kdevelop/doc/userdoc or kdevelop/userdoc?
> No basic objections, though I agree with Alexander that linking directly to
> userbase would be preferrable if the user has a working network connection.

This assumes that userbase is usually more up to date than docbook, but that 
does not always reflect my daily experience translating/proofreading/reviewing 
german doc translations.

But I aggree it would be very usefull to have some actions in khelpcenter to 
online resources for an application like links to sometimes more up to date  
english docs on d.k.o or the userbase page of the app.

> I just doubt the required infrastructure for that is available right now.
Should be easy to implement, but as you know my coding skills are limited to 
one liner i18n fixes.

> One big open question: Will you guys continue to update/sync the work
> between userbase and docbook? 

Business as usual, if we get aware of wiki page updates or get notifications on 
the translators list about outdated/obsolete docbook stuff we can update the 
offline docs from the wiki page using our hacky script whithin minutes. But 
sometimes the wiki has outdated/obsolete as well, see parley handbook.

> Can't you also translate the wiki?
[german translators hat on]
Translating in the wiki is a PITA compared to using Lokalize incorporated in 
scripty's workflow...
But as soon as docmessage templates of wiki pages appear in trunk/l10n-
kde4/messages/www teams will automatically start translating (see okular/edu).
[/german translators hat on]


Burkhard Lück

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