Commit 95e0e0742e uses a C++0x feature and breaks compilation with gcc < 4.5

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Wed Oct 26 16:23:43 UTC 2011

> Lambert CLARA, 26.10.2011:
>> It seems that in the method MainWindowPrivate::slotDockShown of
>> mainwindow_p.cpp, declaring the local struct ShownToolViewFinder and use
>> it as argument of walkToolViews is only possible in C++0x and since gcc
>> 4.5.
>> If we want to keep the compatibility with old gcc (mine is 4.4.5),  
>> and/or
>> limit the use of C++0x in kdevelop source code, a simple dirty fix would
>> be to move the struct definition just above the function.
> just move it out of the function into the global .cpp space

That wasn't intentional, I didn't know I know C++0x :) Yeah, just do that.

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