Commit 95e0e0742e uses a C++0x feature and breaks compilation with gcc < 4.5

Lambert CLARA lambert.clara at
Wed Oct 26 12:32:35 UTC 2011


It seems that in the method MainWindowPrivate::slotDockShown of mainwindow_p.cpp, declaring the local struct ShownToolViewFinder and use it as argument of walkToolViews is only possible in C++0x and since gcc 4.5.

Quote from :
"In C++0x mode local and anonymous classes are now allowed as template arguments, and in declarations of variables and functions with linkage, so long as any such declaration that is used is also defined (DR 757)."

If we want to keep the compatibility with old gcc (mine is 4.4.5), and/or limit the use of C++0x in kdevelop source code, a simple dirty fix would be to move the struct definition just above the function.

I can send a patch, but I'd prefer having your opinion first.

Thanks, regards,

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