Review Request: Include resolving using 'make' optional

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Sun Oct 16 08:31:02 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop and Milian Wolff.


Include resolving using 'make' optional

Make can be invoked by the background parser if some include paths are
unresolved. However some projects do not use make for building and this
potentially induces an overhead for large projects. This patch adds a
project-wide option to disable this behavior.


  languages/cpp/includepathresolver.cpp d0b1cc1ede30409f77123573b269ea866a71ff96 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makebuilderconfig.kcfg 8b521f12a92ce1bddef51c6a4a4126d8c9d1893c 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeconfig.ui 6c047c1bda5ec8ffc9af98546a33d083e065185b 



Checked that the setting is correctly set and taken into account by the IncludePathResolver.


Alexandre Courbot

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