KDevelop projects xml and kdesrc-build

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Oct 6 19:10:05 UTC 2011

On 06.10.11 15:32:58, Sandro Andrade wrote:
> Hi there,
> Since last changes in kdesrc-build in order to use KDE project xml
> descriptor file I'm getting some
> errors when building kdevelop using kdesrc-build. kdev-www sub-module
> isn't intended to be built at all but
> kdesrc-build get no clue about that from KDE projects xml file.
> How could we solve that ? Include a new parameters in xml file
> indicating whether a git (sub-)module is
> "buildable" ?

I think you're talking to the wrong people here. You should tell this to
the sysadmins which are responsible (afaik) for setting up the xml file.
Or the kdesrc-build author Michael Pyne.

Looking at the git repositories and projects website it seems there are
actual different categories since there are various different websites
hosted in git already. So all it should take is telling the sysadmins.
This might mean the projects.kde.org page goes away (I can't find a page
for the other websites).


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