VCS Plugins Commit Template

David Narvaez david.narvaez at
Tue Oct 4 06:00:20 UTC 2011


I've been thinking about commit templates in the VCS Plugins for a
while. Looking around, this would make sense in only some of the VCS
like Git and maybe CVS (e.g., this concept does not exist in SVN) but
it would be really useful for people that have defined global commit
templates in Git, for instance. What I'd suggest is adding a
commitTemplate() in the IBasicVersionControl interface to give plugins
a chance to find the commit template and feed that text into the Text
Edit that holds the message.

On the other hand, commit templates could be specified as per-project
settings - that would discard all of those VCS that do not handle
commit templates at all, and make things simpler. What do you think?

David E. Narváez

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