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Valentyn Pavliuchenko valentyn.pavliuchenko at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 17:38:42 UTC 2011


Context menu for any text/link/etc in Qt documentation toolview is always
the same - one checked menu item with document caption. This item is
sometimes outdated - if you navigate to another document via hyperlink it's
still the same. What is it's purpose?

Was this for the case when there are multiple documents for the same query?
If so, then what about disabling menu if there's the only one item? I can
provide a patch for that, if agreed.

The second thing: the context menu doesn't contain a "Copy" item.
Meanwhile, both Man page help and CMake help both provide this. And this
would be s very useful for me. What about adding it? Again, I can provide a
patch for that, if agreed.

Best regards,
Valentyn Pavliuchenko
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