deleting DUChain cache dir together with session dir

Milian Wolff mail at
Mon Jul 25 12:42:35 UTC 2011

David Nolden, 22.07.2011:
> The same thing is true for session-directories, we don't yet delete
> all those anonymous temporary sessions.

Can you elaborate this a bit? Was there some mechanism to mark a session as 
temporary before my recent change in that regard?

see commit 79f6f2a45055e0ae1093472716b088a4af4dfbc6

> What we need is some "housekeeping", something like:
> * After shutdown, check all existing sessions.

Define "after shutdown". Esp. considering all those global statitcs (or well, 
local statics accessed though some global getter functions) I have no clue at 
what point I could delete the duchain dir...

> If they are anonymous
> (eg. not accessible through the menu), not currently open, and not
> accessed for more than 48 hours, delete the directory. (We have to be
> careful not to delete sessions which are still open somewhere,
> consider for example a shared-networking environment)

Yes, that is indeed something to keep in mind. Though the lock mechanism 
should take care of that already, no?

> * Check all existing duchain-directories, and delete all dirs where
> the corresponding session-dir doesn't exist.

This at least I think we can try to implement even now to fix the worst 

lets see, thanks for the input

Milian Wolff
mail at
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