Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue Jul 19 14:02:39 UTC 2011


I run the today downloaded master under kde 4.6.3 (FC15).

During last 2-3 months I have sporadic kdevelop crashes each 20-30min. I did 
not reported this, as I hoped to catch some sequence which leads to this, but 
still did not succeeded...:(

From an hour ago, after the next crash, I am not able to work:

1. Restarting brings up kdev with one opened source file in the editor. 
Opening another file comes INSTEAD (substitutes!) the previous file. After 4-5 
openeings, kdev crashes.

2. The old problem returned - when I open "Help->About Kdevelop" dialog and 
press "Close" button, kdevelop hangs and I need to kill it.

I tried to remove the .kdevduchain files and others - not helps.

Question: David Nolden corrected something which seems to have something in 
common with my case. Is it already in the master and I can try to use it?
I am really stuck now with my project :((((((


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