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Wed Jul 6 12:57:10 UTC 2011

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(Updated July 6, 2011, 12:57 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


we are using project layouts like this:

 - branches/
   - 0.0.1/
     - bla.kdev4
     - src/
     - ...
 - trunk/         <- development version
   - bla.kdev4
   - src/
   - ...

As I created an application template for this layout, I recognized that
kdevelop expect the .kdev4 file in the project root directory. For new
projects, with this layout, the root directory is project/trunk/. So I need the
possibility to store the template .kdev4 file in the trunk directory.

I apply this feature to kdevplatform/plugins/appwizard/appwizardplugin.cpp. The
attached patch adds 6 lines to appwizardplugin.cpp.

Patch Description:
The patch loops through the new project directory and tries to detect the first
.kdev4 file. If one is found this file will be used. That's all.
So I can store a template .kdev4 file in any subdirectory.


This addresses bug 276744.

Diffs (updated)

  plugins/appwizard/appwizardplugin.cpp c3ac864 





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