Trunk problem with BP tool view

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Jul 6 13:29:53 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 06 July 2011 15:06:37 Niko Sams wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 11:52, Leon Pollak <leonp at> wrote:
> > Hello, all.
> > 
> > Yesterday downloaded trunk has the break point tool problem - no BP
> > content is displayed. Please, see attached screen shot.
> that is strange. No idea where that could come from?!
> please try removing all your config files.
> Niko
1. As this was my first post to this list, I do not know if the fact that I do 
not received back the copy of my mail is normal?

2. Hmm.. I stupidly followed your direction and simply deleted all kdev*.rc 
Now breakpoint tool looks OK, but I do not know what caused it to look 


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