Ideas for new students?

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Tue Jul 5 20:15:43 UTC 2011

Few little thoughts about features from a non-developer:

1. qmake plugin (to make migration from Qt Creator easier - it's a main
KDevelop competitor)
2. adding tabs to documentation view (to allow having few documentations
3. adding tabs to code browser (to allow saving multiple "find uses"

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Valentyn Pavliuchenko

2011/7/5 Milian Wolff <mail at>

> Hey all,
> I was approached by Oliver Sander, whom I've already met at my university
> before. He's a nice guy and has deep interest in FOSS in general and KDE in
> special (he has submitted a few patches to Kate).
> Anyhow, he wants to organize a seminar similar to what Kevin did last year
> in
> France. I.e. groups of a couple of students work on FOSS projects and learn
> programming.
> The question is: Do we (as in KDevelop) have some nice projects for them?
> They
> will have roughly half a year of time, and a couple of hours a week. Note
> though that most of them won't know any C++/Qt beforehand. Sadly my
> university
> prefers to teach them Java and Haskell :)
> Do we sill have the list of projects we proposed to Kevin's french students
> last year? There are probably items left in that list.
> bye
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> Milian Wolff
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