CMake project import - CPU usage due to QRegExp performance bug

Manuel Massing m.massing at
Sun Feb 27 22:40:53 UTC 2011

Hi Nicolas,

> See:

thanks for the information - so I guess the workaround is to install cmake  
2.8.3 or later, or to replace the FindZLIB.cmake file. 

Would it be so bad to add a check for the regexp and handle it as a specical
case? Seeing that it'll otherwise probably affect a lot of people unknowingly
and for some time to come (until all distributions ship a new cmake).

This problem nearly turned me away from kdevelop (annoyed me to no end on
a project where I often switch branches with git, resulting in minute-long
reparsing of the project) - I thought this was the normal and thus
unavoidable project parsing behaviour...

anyway, at least now it won't bite ME again :-)



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