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Thu Feb 24 22:58:59 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


by calling reserve upfront some time is saved. 


  languages/cpp/parser/rpp/chartools.cpp 91612bd 



i did several tests with duchainify on the cpp subtree to find the fastest denominator (it's 10)

no prealloc
real	4m47.104s
user	1m31.478s
sys	0m16.549s

prealloc 1/8
real	4m35.194s
user	1m30.786s
sys	0m16.341s

prealloc 1/9
real	4m34.568s
user	1m30.870s
sys	0m15.917s

prealloc 1/10
real	4m32.682s
user	1m29.150s
sys	0m15.941s

prealloc 1/11
real	4m35.614s
user	1m28.390s
sys	0m15.949s

prealloc 1/12
real	4m39.231s
user	1m27.613s
sys	0m16.209s



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