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Hi, thanks for your answer.
2011/2/23 Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
> On 23.02.11 20:52:41, Julien Desgats wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I'm currently working on QMake plugin, more precisely shadow build
>> support. So far I managed to implement a dialog window, similar to
>> cmake one and the support for multiple build places.
>> But some test on large projects using QMake advanced features (mainly
>> QtCreator) shown some problems :
>>   * Some directories in  source are not in recreated in build
>> directory and marked as buildable by KDevelop (for example, "doc"
>> folder in QtCreator)
> Creating directories in the builddir is not the job of the qmake plugin.
> The qmake plugin should only create the builddir and run qmake in it.
> Buildfolders (those with the small tool on the folder icon) should be
> all those that have a .pro file in the source tree.
This is what I do already, but sometimes source and build trees does not match
> And yes, the qmake plugin probably misses support for some of the
> advanced qmake features (as explained in
I will take a look at this.
>>   * Most of identified targets are not targets in generated Makefiles,
>> so when you try to build them with 'make <target name>', you got an
>> error message
> This should probably be solved by not blindly forwarding build()
> requests from the qmake builder to the makebuilder. Maybe there's a way
> to find the correct make target given a qmake target name (from the .pro
> file).
>> Since I'm quite inexperienced with advanced QMake features, do you
>> have any clue to what I shold looking for solve these problems ?
>> (particularly how to make more than 1 target per directory, and how
>> this is translated on final Makefile)
> Look at the generated Makefile and try to understand what it does, I
> don't think they're that complex. You should be able to find the actual
> executable/library that is being created and from that you can get the
> makefile target. As far as the advanced qmake features go, there's the
> above mentioned website, the qmake manual and if both fail the source.
> Its not that much source code if you ignore the actual generators, most
> of qmake's logic is in qmake's language anyway (i.e. the mkspecs).
Again, I definitely need to take a look at the source, to understand
more clearly qmake internals.
> I don't actually know the current state of the code wrt. evaluating the
> actual value of variables in particular when scopes and function calls
> are invoked, so I can't really give you a hint how to properly implement
> some of the advanced features.
> Andreas
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