Questions about QMake plugin

Julien Desgats julien.desgats at
Wed Feb 23 19:52:41 UTC 2011

Hey all,
I'm currently working on QMake plugin, more precisely shadow build
support. So far I managed to implement a dialog window, similar to
cmake one and the support for multiple build places.

But some test on large projects using QMake advanced features (mainly
QtCreator) shown some problems :
  * Some directories in  source are not in recreated in build
directory and marked as buildable by KDevelop (for example, "doc"
folder in QtCreator)
  * Most of identified targets are not targets in generated Makefiles,
so when you try to build them with 'make <target name>', you got an
error message

Since I'm quite inexperienced with advanced QMake features, do you
have any clue to what I shold looking for solve these problems ?
(particularly how to make more than 1 target per directory, and how
this is translated on final Makefile)

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