Review Request: MakeBuilder: check that folder really exist before starting process

Julien Desgats julien.desgats at
Mon Feb 21 15:20:09 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


This is a small patch which do some more tests on MakeBuilder, in particular it checks that given folder really exists and displays a more precise error message. Current implementation tries to set current dir of make process without any check, which is apparently a noop if folder does not exist, so process is not started in the right directory.

By the way, if an error occurs, message is displayed twice, that's because KDevelop::RunController::registerJob is executed twice :
  * when job is created (in ProjectManagerViewPlugin::buildItemsFromContextMenu)
  * when job is started, it re-register itself ! (in BuilderJob::start)
I have a limited knowledge of KCompositeJob, so I didn't push investigations further. Any clues about that, may be I could fix it too.


  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makejob.cpp 72fd40e 





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