(D?)VCS merge?

Andrey Batyiev batyiev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 21:26:09 UTC 2011


As far as I grepped around, there is no merge function in vcs interfaces,
only subversion plugin has some do-nothing stub for it with interface:

KDevelop::VcsJob* merge(const KDevelop::VcsLocation& localOrRepoLocationSrc,
                        const KDevelop::VcsLocation& localOrRepoLocationDst,
                        const KDevelop::VcsRevision& srcRevision,
                        const KDevelop::VcsRevision& dstRevision,
                        const KUrl& localLocation);


It seems it's almost ok to subversion (I'm not subversion guru) and to git
(and I'm noob in git too). Mercurial could merge only working tree with
something outside, so checks for NULLs should be made.

I think this function should reside in IBasicVersionControl and
IBranchingVersionControl should have something like mergeBranches dedicated
especially to branch merging.


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