how to backport without breaking ABI?

Milian Wolff mail at
Tue Feb 15 09:44:49 UTC 2011

David Nolden, 13.02.2011:
> You will have to find another solution for this problem anyway.
> Normally, when a new navigation context is opened, it is registered at
> the parent context using AbstractNavigationContext::registerChild(),
> where the child is referenced permanently using a KSharedPtr.
> By making the m_previousContext a KSharedPtr too, you create a cyclic
> dependency, and thus, all navigation contexts will be leaked!

True, thanks for the notification. I'll try to find out how to do this 
properly. What I spotted even now though:

when hovering a macro (or something that calls 
ILanguageSupport::specialLanguageWidget), we currently leak if the context 
browser tool view is hidden:

In Cpp the specialLanguageWidget just returns:
    return new Cpp::NavigationWidget(*m.second, preprocessedBody);

But ContextBrowserView::setSpecialNavigationWidget(QWidget* widget) only does 
something with the widget if it's neither locked nor visible. In all other 
cases the widget is "lost". I'd propose to delete the incoming widget 
otherwise? Or at least deleteLater()?

Seems to work fine for me.

> Normally, everything that would need to be done, is keeping a pointer
> to the original navigation context alive as long as the navigation
> widget is open. I don't exactly remember how/where this was supposed
> to take place though.

Maybe it was supposed to work with m_startContext in AbstractNavigationWidget?


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