Review Request: Added ability to save restore splitter state in the ProjectManagerView

Sergey Vidyuk sir.vestnik at
Sun Feb 6 09:00:52 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Currently ProjectTreeView and ProjectBuildSet widgets have the same size while the first one usually contains much more items then the second one. Every time when I run kdevelop I adjust the splitter position and then start to work. This patch allows to save the sate of the QSplitter in the ProjectManagerView widget in a session and restore it next time you open this session.

I've also added defalt strech factors in order to have 75% for the ProjectTreeView and 25% for the ProjectBuildSet for a new sessions.


  plugins/projectmanagerview/projectmanagerview.cpp 1149282 



The following things are tested manually:
  1 New session have correct splitter position (75%:25%).
  2 Splitter position is saved restored correctly for different sessions.
  3 Sessions created before this patch are loaded correctly and splitter position is set to the default value.



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