question about translations in grepview

Gerhard Stengel gstengel at
Sat Feb 5 10:00:46 UTC 2011

Am Freitag, 4. Februar 2011, 15:11:52 schrieb David Nolden:
> > Secondly, there are some untranslatable texts in the code browser. If I click on a "container", I get an
> > outline of the container (OK), but the first line starts with "Back to" which can't be translated anywhere.
> > In this context I think it's a bit inconsistent that the keyword "enum" is translatable, but "struct",
> > "union" and "class" aren't (whether it's reasonable to translate this is a matter of taste, though...).
> I've added "Back to" into i18n. There is no place though where "enum"
> is translatable, I've only found "Enum:" and "enumerator", which both
> are not C++ keywords, so it's maybe ok to translate them. C++ keywords
> though should _never_ be translated.
OK, you're right, it was enumerator / Enum: which was translated.

> > Last question: I think the pattern separator doesn't work as it shoud in the new find/replace dialogue. If I
> > want to search something i.e. in a *.h file, it work fine. Same for an *.cpp file. But if I separate those
> > two by a space (as the help text suggests), it doesn't work an more. By default, the patterns are separated
> > by commas which makes me think that the help text may be wrong, but it doesn't work either way. Sometimes I
> > don't succeed to find anything, even though the searched string is obviously present in the code.
> I have fixed this issue in the plugin. It only considered "," as separator.
OK, thanks. So now space and comma are valid separators? Have you updated then original help (whatsThis) text?

I noticed one more untranslatable text: Value/Char Table toolview.



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