Review Request: Support for configurable generic filtering of project files (and directories)

Filip Brcic brcha at
Tue Dec 27 18:18:57 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Currently KDevPlatform and KDevelop filter only backup files from the project manager. It would be nicer if user could add additional files/directories to be filtered.

This patch adds a configurable stringlist that is to hold globs for files/directories that are to be filtered. Current default values are set to backup files (*~ and *.bak) and darcs repo data directory (_darcs).

How that looks like from the user side can be seen on the screenshot:

How that looks from the kdev* developer's side is this:

The stringlist is exposed through ProjectController as a method "QStringList filteredFiles() const". Of course, that method is also accessible through D-Bus interface IProjectController::filteredFiles(). It is left up to project managers to actually filter files, this method just provides a standardized list of files that are to be filtered (using regexp glob).

For previous discussion that lead to this patch, please take a look at


  interfaces/iprojectcontroller.h fd5638c 
  shell/projectcontroller.h e21345f 
  shell/projectcontroller.cpp e6eda6b 
  shell/settings/projectconfig.kcfg a4d7a10 
  shell/settings/projectsettings.ui d4ffdbd 



I have patched kdevplatform and kdevelop 1.2.2 on my Gentoo box using this patch (and another patch for cmake project manager: and filtering works fine.


Filip Brcic

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