Small patch for adding C++11 custom string literals to kdevelop background parser

François-Marie de Jouvencel at
Tue Dec 20 13:35:26 UTC 2011

Hello everyone, and thanks for the great work!

I was missing support for C++11 custom string literals : that is, strings
like "hello"_world are valid in C++11 (provided you define  : some_type
operator"" _world(const char * str, size_t num_chars) , but I'm sure you
know this already). So I struggled with the code and finally came up with a
small patch (a few lines, really, in lexer.cpp) to do the trick. So far I
haven't noticed any negative side effects (besides, of course, not
detecting errors in C++03 when custom literals are used, but I don't think
its a huge problem), so I guess I didnt break anything and I submit it to

The patch was created using the command : git diff --no-prefix >
add_custom_string_literals.patch  , please tell me if that's not the right
way to proceed.

Best regards,

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