Using XDebug in KDevelop ffpr PHP debugging

Ricardo Sanz ricardo at
Sun Aug 28 16:39:49 UTC 2011

Hi all.

I'm using KDevelop as my PHP IDE and I think is a very good tool. However, I
want to debug PHP scripts using XDebug.  There's a nice post by Niko Sams
where this is explained:

Unfortunately it seems to be a bit outdated. As Niko says in last comment,
about three months ago, "the code is getting moved around atm", so needed
plugins have moved:
- executescript is now in kdevplatform.
- executebrowser and xdebug

So I'm not sure if it's possible tu run a xdebug debbuging session with
KDevelop, and if yes how I can achieve this.

There's no Quanta for KDE 4.x in Ubuntu (just Quanta for KDE 3.x), and I'm
not sure if it's enought to get all projects from KDevelop
 (KDevelop, KDevPlatform,Plugins,
Utils, Website) and Quanta form DeTtols, compile and install them the get
xdebug support.

So, as Niko says in his blog, I'm asking to this mailing list to get some
info. Is anybody using Xdebug in Kdevelop? Which steps should I take to this
funtionality working?

Best regards,
Ricardo Sanz
Tel: +00 34 668 85 00 84
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