Review Request: Add possibility to store Decorators for class- and function declarations

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Thu Aug 25 13:22:58 UTC 2011

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(Updated Aug. 25, 2011, 1:22 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.

Summary (updated)

This adds a list of Decorators to each class and function declaration, and a Decorator class which stores information about those decorators.
This is currently relevant for the python language, which has a pattern like this:

class c():
    def foo():

I didn't have an internet connection for research available, but I think other languages might have similar patterns, so this can go into kdevplatform.
Also, even after several hours of experimentation I couldn't figure out how to inherit from a class which defines appended lists, adding another one... some documentation on that would be appreciated :)


  language/CMakeLists.txt 4399ebb 
  language/duchain/classdeclaration.h 409a3a4 
  language/duchain/classdeclaration.cpp 0670209 
  language/duchain/decorator.h PRE-CREATION 
  language/duchain/functiondeclaration.h 7f084a9 
  language/duchain/functiondeclaration.cpp fb442dc 





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