KDevelop debugger fails

Maciek Zarzycki zarzych at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 21:19:11 UTC 2011


I'm working on a pimimport utility to dump/import akonadi resources. It was part of my gsoc task in 2010 and I'm getting back to it now.

The problem is, that when I step into a specific function (details in repro steps below), the debugger stops as soon as I step from the opening brace line to the first line of the function. There are 
messages printed in .xsession_errors or debugging toolview in kdevelop.

-- Set up repository
1. git clone git at git.kde.org:kdepim
2. git branch pimimport origin/gsoc_pimimport
3. git checkout pimimport
-- Import project into KDevelop
4. open kdevelop
5. import project $repo_root/CMakeLists.txt
6. open project preferences and set 'pimimport' as default make target
7. build project
8. create debug launch for pimimport target
-- Debug and observe problem
9. open file $repo_root/pimimport/resourcedumpjob.cpp
10. set breakpoint at line 19 (opening brace of ResourceDumpJob::start() )
11. start debugging - pimimport window is shown
12. click the '...' button next to 'Path' input
13. create a new directory and select it
14. click 'Next'
15. check combobox next to any resource in the grid
16. click 'Finish' - our breakpoint is hit
17. click 'Step Over'

The debug session terminates and pimimport is terminated.

The debug session continues.

I've tried running pimimport in gdb and the problem doesn't show there.

Could you help me diagnose this issue? I'll be happy to provide you any help you may need.


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