Perspective switch

Alexander Shaduri ashaduri at
Sun Sep 26 18:29:00 UTC 2010


I also dislike the area switches.
Here are my problems with them:

* The switch is too slow and jumpy.

* Sometimes I code and debug at the same time. Switching
each time is annoying (I really like the old KDevelop3 way).
That is, if I'm coding in Debug area, I want to stay there even
after the program I'm debugging exits.

* Each time I debug, the whole UI jumps and suddenly I'm looking at some
random tab I opened earlier, even though I have the same workingset
open in both areas. I guess this is because the switch preserves
neither the cursor (or viewport) positions, nor the active tab. Same
thing when switching back to Code.

I guess the best way (for me) would be to reconfigure the Views
(show the debug view) and toolbars (show the debug toolbar) when
switching, but don't touch the editor part at all.


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