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William Frank kibork at
Sun Sep 26 17:26:51 UTC 2010

Actually I would prefer do disable the areas totally, and at least my
co-workers agree with me on that one.
I never actually use them, first of all if I debug some thing then I
will navigate a lot most probably, and when I switch back to "Code"
perspective I land back where I started, and I need to search my way
I understand that you have this functionality from Eclipse, and a lot
of people like it... But a lot don't. For instance you can have a look
at IntellyJ IDEA from JetBrains, that's my Java IDE. And it's really
popular, and it has no Perspectives concept at all - everything is far
But actually just not switching the area with some configuration or
even a CLI parameter would do the job... Even if the areas will switch
almost instantly, the will be still this UI flickering... and the

Thanks in advance,

On 26 September 2010 20:14, Niko Sams <niko.sams at> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 13:07, William Frank <kibork at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using the KDevelop for quite some time now, and all of the issues
>> the frustrated me are now solved and it's cool :-)
>> But one think that is really annoying are "Perspectives", yes I
>> understand that many many people like them and it's ok with me, but
>> would it be possible to make the perspective switch configurable?
>> For the most time I don't run the whole application but rather some
>> unit test wrappers, they run for fractions of a second. But it happens
>> that I always use the "Debug" lunch, since I might have some
>> breakpoints I need to check. But not always, so when I have no
>> breakpoints then I just watch the UI changing and blinking for 3-5
>> seconds then the test is executed instantly and the UI changing starts
>> from beginning. So I would rather prefer to disable the perspectives
>> at all...
>> Or at least to have the perspectives a pre-build UI so that the switch
>> is rather instant...
> So your actual problem is that switching is slow? I think we should improve
> on that.
> You could also execute your launch if you don't need to debug - that would
> not switch the Area (as we call it :D)
> Niko
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